Sunday, 9 September 2012

How do you get to be a guest poet at Off the Wall Poetry Performing?

We invite you.

If you are:
  • an established poet, or
  • an emerging poet we have noted, and
  • we know you, and
  • we think you are good enough and
  • we know you have enough material to prepare a good and balanced programme of approximately half an hour,
...then we'll put you on the list of potential invitees.

We strongly encourage you to make yourself known to us via our weekly open-mic session.

If you believe you are a potential guest-poet whom we have overlooked, please make yourself known to us by e-mailing “Off the Wall Poetry” <offthewallpoetry at gmail dot com>.  This will not guarantee an invitation, and an invitation will not guarantee a date.  It is not a good strategy for you to emerge from nowhere at short notice, expecting and demanding a slot.

We are not a pulpit for religious proselytisers.

We are not an on-demand launch venue for CDs.

Our guest-poet list is arranged in advance, so we cannot guarantee that a particular date will be available for a particular poet.  We seek, within reason, to accommodate everyone, but not to the point where we abuse the good nature of other guest poets by repeatedly re-scheduling them.

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