Friday, 28 December 2018


The next poetry gigs at A Touch of Madness - Obz - and The Village Hub - Scarborough - are in the 2nd week of 2019. On Wednesday 9th January come to The Village Hub to hear Oliver Price read Hugh's Variations on a theme from As you like it. On Thursday 10th January Brian Walter from the Eastern Cape reads from his beguiling verse, at A Touch of Madness.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Poet FINUALA DOWLING is off-the-wall on Thursday December 13 @19:30

September this year saw Finuala's first major UK publication with Pretend You Don’t Know Me: New and Selected Poems (Bloodaxe Books). In October Finuala appeared at the Humber Mouth, Manchester, Off-the-Shelf and Ilkley literature festivals in the North, and also read at the Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts. Jackie Kay in the Guardian chose Pretend You Don't Know Me as one of her three best poetry books of 2018. She hopes the collection will be available in South Africa in 2019, along with a new novel. She will be offering a poetry workshop at the Hermanus Fynarts Festival in June 2019. On Thursday evening, Finuala will be reading unpublished poems as well as some from Pretend you Don't Know Me.

Monday, 10 December 2018

HELEN MOFFETT is in festive mood at the Village Hub on Wednesday 12 December at 1830 for 1900

Helen Moffett is a writer, freelance editor, feminist activist and recovering academic. She has compiled three editions of a poetry anthology for Southern African students, and a collection of South African landscape writings, Lovely Beyond Any Singing. She toured Canada with her debut collection of poems, Strange Fruit, published by Modjaji. Her second poetry collection, Prunings, published in 2016 by uHlanga Press, was joint winner of the 2017 SALA poetry prize. Her collaborations include a cricket book (the late Bob Woolmer’s magnum opus), the Girl Walks In erotica series with Sarah Lotz and Paige Nick (under the nom de plume Helena S. Paige), and Stray, an anthology of animal writing for the benefit of the charity TEARS. She is also a board member and avid supporter of the Short Story Day Africa project. Her most recent book, 101 Water-wise Ways, is a response to the Cape water crisis.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Monday, 26 November 2018

Poet HELEN MOFFETT is off-the-wall on Thursday November 29 @19:30

Helen Moffett is a writer, freelance editor, feminist activist and recovering academic. She has compiled three editions of a poetry anthology for Southern African students, and a collection of South African landscape writings, Lovely Beyond Any Singing. She toured Canada with her debut collection of poems, Strange Fruit, published by Modjaji. Her second poetry collection, Prunings, published in 2016 by uHlanga Press, was joint winner of the 2017 SALA poetry prize. Her collaborations include a cricket book (the late Bob Woolmer’s magnum opus), the Girl Walks In erotica series with Sarah Lotz and Paige Nick (under the nom de plume Helena S. Paige), and Stray, an anthology of animal writing for the benefit of the charity TEARS. She is also a board member and avid supporter of the Short Story Day Africa project. Her most recent book, 101 Water-wise Ways, is a response to the Cape water crisis.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Poet JACQUES COETZEE is off-the-wall on Thursday November 22 @19:30

Jacques Coetzee is a musician and a freelance editor. He matriculated from the Pioneer School for the Blind in Worcester, and completed a Masters Degree in creative writing at the University of Cape Town, for which he submitted a manuscript of poems called Singing Through. Since 2007 he has been the singer and one of the main songwriters in the band Red Earth & Rust, which released its fourth album of original material in 2015. He has published poems in New Contrast and in Patricia Schonstein’s Africa anthologies, including 2014’s Heart of Africa! Poems of Love, Loss and Longing. In January 2018 he and Barbara Fairhead launched their joint anthology of poems, The Love Sheet, which was published by Hands On Books, an imprint of Modjaji.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Poet JEAN WATERMEYER is off-the-wall on Thursday November 15 @19:30

Jean Watermeyer is a biochemist-turned-teacher and a regular OTW visitor. She writes to understand life and herself, and to experiment with using words in musical ways. Her poems have appeared in Stanzas and in the McGregor festival anthology.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

KEN BARRIS is Off-the-Wall at The Village Hub, Scarborough Wednesday November 14th at 6.30pm for 7pm

Ken Barris is a writer, editor, and photographer. His work has been translated into Turkish, Danish, French, German and Slovenian, and has appeared in about thirty anthologies. He has won various literary awards, including the Ingrid Jonker Prize, the M-Net Book Prize, and most recently, the University of Johannesburg Prize for his novel Life Underwater and the Herman Charles Bosman Prize for a collection of short stories, The Life of Worm & Other Misconceptions. He has published five novels, two collections of poetry, and two collections of short stories.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Poet ED BURLE is off-the-wall on Thursday November 8 @19:30

Eduard Burle has been a regular contributor and reader of poems at Off the Wall Poetry Performing at A Touch of Madness in Observatory, Cape Town, since 2005. He is a member of the ECCA Poets group and was invited to be the guest poet for the ECCA Poets’ 2015 publication Sound Piping. Ed’s poems have been published in New Coin, New Contrast, Stanzas, and in Patricia Schonstein's "Africa!" anthologies. He has dabbled in experiments with verse for the last 2-3 decades.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Poet P.R. ANDERSON is off-the-wall on Thursday November 1 19:30

P. R. Anderson is the author of two volumes of poetry, Litany Bird and Foundling's Island, with a third due from uHlanga next month - In a Free State. He was the winner of this year's Thomas Pringle Award for Poetry. He lectures English at UCT.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Poet PETER MERRINGTON is off-the-wall on Thursday October 25 @1930

Peter Merrington is a semi-retired scholar and a ceramicist now living in Hout Bay. He has published essays, poems and two books of fiction.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Poet KARIN SCHIMKE is off-the-wall on Thursday October 18 @ 19.30

Karin started reading poetry at Off The Wall in the early 2000s and was the event’s host for many years. She has published two books of poetry. Her debut, Bare & Breaking, won the Ingrid Jonker prize and was shortlisted for the South African Literature Prize for Poetry. Her second collection, Navigate, was launched earlier this year.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Poet MARI DE BEER is off-the-wall on Thursday OCTOBER 11

Mari de Beer is an English and Foreign Language Tutor, Proofreader and Word Wizard based in Cape Town. She also escapes the drudgery of reality by doing some voice acting. She has a degree in English Literature and Psychology; her poetic journey has been steered by her wandering soul and observant nature. She writes in English as well as Afrikaans.
Some of her poems have been published on LitNet and in Newsletters like Give your Writing the Edge.

Her poetic voice aches through a melancholy of emotion and silent suggestion with which she aims to touch other hearts.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Poet WENDY WOODWARD is off-the-wall on Thursday October 4

Wendy Woodward’s poetry has appeared in local and overseas journals and in a number of anthologies. She has published Séance for the Body (Snailpress 1994); Love, Hades and other Animals (Protea 2008) and A Saving Bannister (Modjadji 2015). Wendy taught for twenty years in the flourishing postgraduate Creative Writing Programme in the English Department of the University of the Western Cape. She teaches Creative Writing Groups and has facilitated short courses in poetry writing at UCT Summer School.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Poet TROYDON WAINWRIGHT is off-the-wall on Thursday September 20

Troydon Wainwright is a published writer based in Cape Town. He has won a Nova Award and has been published in New Contrast and the Best New African Poets compilation and elsewhere. He has been the feature poet at the Off the Wall readings in Observatory, Cape Town Central Library and the McGregor Poetry Festival. He has self-published one of his first collection of poetry, Fires In Heaven. One of his Facebook posts went viral and he has a website:

Brain Cloud
Thick black smoke
Billows into the shape of a brain
Far flung sparks and cinders
Are its synaptic nerves firing,
Contemplating the meaning of its life
Which is short
And soon to be
Scattered by the wind 
 (c) 2018 Troydon Wainwright

Monday, 10 September 2018

Poet GABEBA BADEROON is off-the-wall on Thursday September 13

Gabeba Baderoon’s new book of poems, The History of Intimacy, was published in August 2018. She is also the author of the collections The Dream in the Next BodyThe Museum of Ordinary Life and A Hundred Silences and the monograph, Regarding Muslims: from Slavery to Post-apartheid (2014).  Her poems appear as songs on the CD Out of Time by Robert Stone. Baderoon is a member of the editorial board of the African Poetry Book Fund and co-directs the African Feminist Initiative at Penn State University.

Scarborough Hub Guest Poet PATRICIA SCHONSTEIN Wednesday September 12 @ 6.30pm for 7pm

Patricia Schonstein is a novelist and poet. She serves on the Poetry in McGregor Committee and is co-editor of Stanzas. She edits the Africa! anthologies.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Poet KERRY HAMMERTON is off-the-wall on Thursday AUGUST 16

Kerry Hammerton lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Reading is her first passion although writing poetry is a close second. Kerry has an MA in Creative Writing (with Distinction) from Rhodes University. She has published poetry in various South African and international journals and anthologies – most recently Hallelujah for 50ft Women (Bloodaxe Books 2015), and Cutting Carrots the Wrong Way (Uhlanga Press 2017). She has three collections These are the Lies I told You (Modjaji 2010), The Weather Report (2013) and Secret Keeper (Modjaji 2018). Her short story ‘Spider Woman’ was published in the Short Sharp Stories anthology Trade Secrets (2017).

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Poet ELISA GALGUT is off-the-wall on Thursday August 2

Elisa Galgut teaches in the Philosophy Department at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Her poetry has appeared in various literary journals and anthologies. Her debut collection, The Anthology of Poetry, was published by Modjaji Press in 2015

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Poet Margaret Clough is off-the-wall on Thursday July 26

Margaret Clough has worked as a Science teacher, soil chemist and food technologist .She started writing after retiring and moving to Cape Town.. She has had stories published in various journals. Her poems have been published in Carapace, New Contrast, Stanzas and Aerodrome. Two collections of poems, At Least the Duck Survived and The Last to Leave, have been published by Modjaji Books. She also contributed to the collection Difficult to Explain edited by Finuala Dowling and the Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Anthology.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Poets Hugh Hodge & Julia Kramer are off-the-wall Thursday July 19

Julia and Hugh will read Hugh's long poem "Fit for Purpose" - a poem for several voices. This is the first public performance of the work.

Hugh writes (of himself) - I'm a Baby Boomer brat. I was born in 1946 on Nelson Mandela’s 28th birthday (my closest brush with fame) at Tavistock in Devon, England. Rondebosch Boys’ High attempted to educate me without much success. Later, Essex University endured similar disappointments, but got over them. I have two daughters and three granddaughters, and a son and two grandsons. My marriages were happy in their own ways and times. The children are more beautiful than I expected. I've worked as a small, and sometimes negative, contributor to the technological revolution. Despite being commonly left-brained, and occasionally no-brained, I write poetry that is sometimes published. I edit poetry and mentor some poets. And, aside from a natural tribal arrogance, I'm kind and tolerant, even of dogs.

Julia Kramer lives on the Southern tip of the peninsula, where the mountains meet the Atlantic. She arranges words in translation and in poetry. Some of her poems appeared in Adder & Angel and New Contrast. She loves the outdoors, and is a keen gardener and amateur botanist. So much to do, so little time.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Poet Doret Jordaan is Off-the-Wall Thursday July 12

Doret Jordaan is a writer, foreign language teacher, language professional, desert literature researcher and coach currently living in Stellenbosch. Her fiction and poetry in Afrikaans and English feature travel, food and landscapes – notably the landscape of her previous homes, Zululand and the Little Karoo.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Poet Ralph Goodman is off-the-wall Thursday June 28

Ralph Goodman has a doctorate in English Literature. He taught English Literature at universities for more than 40 years. Since retiring in 2010, he does editing work and writes poetry.  He was recently appointed to a research post by the University of Stellenbosch. He hopes that his poetry carries an inquisitiveness about all living creatures – the quirky, the serious and the numinous.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Naked Word with Jason Jacobs Thursday June 21

Jason Jacobs – honoured in 2017 by Kunste Onbeperk, Klein Karoo National Arts Festival for his contribution to South African Theatre and Performing Arts. Jacobs is a multi-award winning theatre director and recipient of the Theatre Arts Admin Collective Emerging Theatre Director’s Bursary who hails a a playwright / theatre-maker, dialogue coach / casting director, and published poet (New Contrast). This year his co-owned production house, KleiSand Productions, adapted the stage debut of Jolyn Phillips’ Humanities & Social Sciences Award winning Tjieng Tjang Tjerrries & Other Short Stories (Modjaji Books) for US Woordfees – Jacobs co-wrote, designed and directed the play. Womb of Fire by The Mothertongue Project received best play, best director and best performer at the festival which Jacobs translated into Afrikaans (original by Rehane Abrahams). Furthermore, Jacobs specialises in theatre for young imaginations, devising work for children aged 0-7 years. Jacobs is the dialogue coach and casting director of Suidooster, a multicultural soapie on kykNET.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Poet Ursula Grobler is off-the-wall Thursday June 14

Ursula writes:

I have really come to be me out of a single turning point. And that is rowing, and the dream of rowing to a win of a gold medal at an Olympic Game. It has took me 10 years to get to Rio Olympics 2016. The dream realised… but then not completed as a happy ending. We had a very disappointing final and I was devastated.
Before I became a rower, I lived in Seattle, after completing my four-year bachelors degree in Information Design at TUKS. I worked as a graphic designer. Then I got retrenched. My brother committed suicide. And I fell apart and re-looked at everything. Especially lost dreams. Or dreams never to be chased when death has come early. And that is when I started to row. I was 27. I called a new coach who came from Spain to Seattle and said I want to go to the Olympic Games. Having found out that I had just learnt to row a year ago, he said I have the wrong idea. But he took me on anyway and 3 years later I broke the World Record on the Indoor rowing machine, and 7 years later I did go to the Olympic Games. I have been published only formally once, in 1998 in Mirror Images, Anthology of Verse from the Poetry Institute of Africa. But I have written alot about all these losses and little gains. And honoured to share those with you tonight.

Here is a little video I made and published on my youtube username as Taciit. It was done a month or so after I returned from the Rio Olympic Games.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Monday, 4 June 2018

Poet Pat Louw is off-the-wall Thursday evening June 7

Pat Louw taught English at the University of Zululand for a long time and her research in place-based literary criticism took her to Russia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Now she is based in Scarborough where she does some reading, writing, crafting and photography.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Poet Arthur Wheat is off-the-wall Thursday May 31

Arthur writes -

Born in Kroonstad and spent formative years in the Free State.
Moved to George in 1969 and Cape Town in 1975.
Married (still) in 1977 with two children and one Grandson.
After 42 years, in 2015 retired as a Bank Manager.
Loves music and language, and the relationship between the two.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Poet Liz Trew is off-the-wall Thursday May 24

Elizabeth Trew reads her poetry at A Touch of Madness at 7.30pm, Thursday May 24. Please diarise.

Liz Trew's poems appear in numerous poetry journals and anthologies as well as selections in ISISx (Botsotso) and Prodigal Daughters: stories of South African women in exile, edited by Lauretta Ngcobo. She returned home to South Africa in 1991 after decades away; is inspired by the humanity of others and the natural world.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Poet Winnie Thomson is off-the-wall on Thursday May 17.

Winnie Thomson is a retired teacher of French, a keen member of the OTW community, and poet.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Poet Archie Swanson is Off-the-Wall in Obz tomorrow May 10 at 7.30pm

 Archie Swanson is a 62 year old surfer living in the Garden Route whose fruit export business and love for surfing have taken him to many parts of the world.
His poems have been published since 1973 when his poem  “mapolisa – the police” was included in English Alive – an annual anthology of South African High School creative writing. His poems appear in several anthologies, poetry blogs and quarterly poetry publications like Stanzas and New Contrast and have been translated and published in Spanish and in Japanese.
In 2017 two of his poems were short listed for the Sol Plaatje Award and the UK Bridport prize.
He has been a regular guest poet at the McGregor Poetry Festival.
He will be reading poems from his recently published collection – the stretching of my sky

 Here are some snaps from his Collection:

Monday, 7 May 2018

Poet Kris Marais is in Scarborough, Wed May 9, 7pm

Here's Kris.

Find him Wednesday May 9 at 7pm at Cathy's place, 11 Gemsbok, Scarborough

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Ecca Poets are off-the-wall Thursday May 3

Ed Burle writes:
Ecca is an informal group of poets mainly from the Eastern Cape, South Africa, who have been active for the past 25 years.

The group was formed while the founding members, Lagan, Somhlahlo, Walter and Morrissey taught at the University of Fort Hare in Alice. Many of the books have since been launched for readings for the Hogsback Spring Festival.

The group presents regular readings and runs creative writing workshops in and around their home towns of Port Elizabeth, King William’s Town and Hogsback.

Initially they were the Echo Poets, collaborating with artists, including Hillary Graham. In the mid-90s, the poets established their independence from the artists and renamed themselves the Ecca Poets, after the Ecca pass on R67 connecting Fort Beaufort and Grahamstown.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Poet Tauriq Jenkins is off-the-wall on Thursday 26 April

This is our annual acknowledgement of the enormous gratitude we extend to the Bard's memory these 400 years. And who better to lead the celebrations than Tauriq Jenkins! Expect the best!

Tauriq Jenkins is the founding artistic director of the Independent Theatre Movement of South Africa, and Shakespeare in Prison South Africa. As an actor he has performed across local and international theatres, and film. His credits include Hamlet (RSC) directed by Janet Suzman, Antigone (Baxter) directed by Shaun Matthias, Antony and Cleopatra (Harlem Shakespeare Festival) directed by Patronia Paley, Ivanov (Schapro Theatre, NYC) directed by Andrei Serban. Films include Attack on Darfur, Death Race 2, A Lucky Man, Empire of Sharks, BBC SAS Heroes.

Tauriq holds a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University and was trained by voice teacher Kristin Linklater. He is an IFP Alumni Fellow at the School of International Public Affairs, Columbia University, and studied Oral History at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He is a recipient of the International Davis Peace Prize for his work in incarceration, training Shakespearian actors in prisons.

MFA, School of the Arts, Columbia University

IFP Fellow, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University (nulli secundus).

Here's more stuff from Tauriq...
Tauriq Jenkins is the founding artistic director of the Independent Theatre Movement of South Africa (ITMSA) and Shakespeare in Prison South Africa. His work has been covered by the Folger Library and NPR. He has a Master in Fine Arts Degree in Acting from Columbia University in New York and was Columbia’s  Graduate School of Arts Sciences, 2015-2016 Oral History Merit Scholarship recipient. He is an alumni fellow of the International Fellows Program at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs focused on US Foreign Policy, and an alumni of International House leadership residency, New York. He served as an advisory board member of the Columbia Arts Initiative
He is the former chair of the Performing Arts Network of South Africa (Western Cape).  He is currently a director of the Observatory Improvement District,  Chair of the Observatory Civic Association, Chair of the Two Rivers Urban Park, Ward 57 Rep on Sub-Council 16, and co founder of the Observatory Shakespeare Festival. The founder of the International Observatory Human Rights Film Documentary Festival, 'The Right to Know Festival". Tauriq is the High Commissioner for the Goringhaicona Traditional Council. 
At International House, NYC, Tauriq stage managed the historic event,"When the Federal Reserve Bank Speaks, The World Listens" with US Federal Reserve Bank chairs, Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke, and Allan Greenspan  as well as part of the organising team of the conference, "Generation Jobless" a solution based conference in NYC on global youth unemployment with branches of the US government, leaders in business such as Fortune 500 CEO's, NGO's, City Mayors, and millennials.
He has directed four interdisciplinary Black History Month Presentations in New York, at International House. At the Columbia School of Arts, Tauriq was part of an arts initiative with leaders of the World Economic Forum for three years using art for strategic, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills training. Tauriq was dramaturge and perfoomer in 2015 of Bearden's Oddessy which was transliterated into a multi disciplinary event comprising of 50 artists the board.
As artistic director of the ITMSA he trains professional actors, inmates, and teachers in the Western Cape Department of Education.  As an actor/perfromer, he has worked extensively in South Africa, Europe and the United States in both theatre and film including the Royal Shakespeare Company (Stratford upon avon, UK), Classic Stage Company, NYC, Baxter Theatre, Artscape Theatre, National Arts Festival Main Stage, KKnK, Innebos, Harlem Shakespeare Festival, NBC, BBC, SABC National Geographic, and Universal Studios and Columbia Pictures. As a playwright, and dramaturge, his plays have been performed at the District 6 Museum, The Castle of Good Hope,  New York, and various National Arts Festivals.
In 2013, he was awarded the prestigious International Davis Peace Prize for groundbreaking theatre and rehabilitation work in South African prisons.
See his Tedx talk on his work in incarceration.
He writes poetry about chess.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Poet Ruben Mowszowski reads Thurs 19 April

Ruben writes -
I  hang  out in a country town near Melbourne, read poems occasionally, compose new stuff with Maxim via the internet. I’ll be reading my  Rockey Street saga, Namaste in full.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Poet Keith Gottschalk reads Thurs 12th April

Keith Gottschalk, author of the collection "Emergency Poems", chairs the team of volunteers running Off the Wall. He also chairs the directors of the literary magazine "New Contrast", and hosts the Lansdowne Local Writers Group. He is also  a member of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa, the SA Space Association, & a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society.


Heisenberg felt uncertain.
Planck went all to pieces.
Schrodinger put out a bowl of milk.
Einstein was unperturbed;
he knew it was all relative.

Come & enjoy a poem & slide show flight!

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Poet PATRICIA SCHONSTEIN is off-the-wall on Thursday 5th April at A TOUCH OF MADNESS at 7.30pm (19h30)

Patricia Schonstein is a novelist, poet, author of children’s books and curator of anthologies. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from UCT and serves on the Poetry in McGregor Committee.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

LIESL JOBSON is OFF-THE-WALL at A Touch of Madness TONIGHT Thursday March 29 @ 7.30pm

Liesl Jobson is a published writer, photographer and musician. She is currently the media officer at Fetola, where she enjoys promoting the success of South African small business owners. A keen rower, she captains the women's crew at Alfreds Rowing Club and lives at Zeekoevlei, where the birds and otters remind her about poetry. She is the author of Ride the Tortoise, 100 Papers, a collection of prose poems and flash fiction that has been translated and published in Italian as Cento strappi and a volume of short stories, View from an Escalator. She has also written three children’s books as a participant in the Book Dash initiative. For fun, she plays the contrabassoon with the Cape Philharmonic when the planets are happily aligned.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

JAN MORAN NEIL reads tonight Wednesday 28th March in Scarborough at Cathy's home (11 Gemsbok).

Jan Moran Neil B.Ed Hons MSt has a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Cambridge. Her poetry collection: Red Lipstick & Revelations is published by Indigo Dreams and she performs her poetry here and in the UK.  She was trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and is a widely published and performed playwright on the London Fringe. Her play A President in Waiting …has been performed at the Desmond Tutu HIV Youth Foundation Centre, Masiphumelele, Gugu S’Thebe Theatre, Langa and Masambe, Baxter Theatre, Cape Town. Her poetry has been commended and published in many anthologies in the UK and South Africa including New Contrast. (Honourable Mention 2017.)She won Bloomsbury Publishing’s International sonnet competition 2016 judged by Ruth Padel /Royal Society of Literature Review/January 17. Jan runs Creative Ink for Writers and Actors in the UK, is a seasoned swallow married to a Fish Hoekian and has run Fish Hoek Scribblers’ workshops since 2009.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

JIM PASCUAL AGUSTIN is Off-the-Wall, THURSDAY 15th MARCH at 7.30pm.

Jim Pascual Agustin writes and translates in Filipino and English. He moved to Cape Town in 1994. His work has appeared in RhinoWorld Literature Today andModern Poetry in Translation among others. His eighth book of poetry, Wings of Smoke, was published in 2017 by UK-based independent publisher The Onslaught Press ( The book is also available from Loot, Amazon and other online retailers. Jim shares random thoughts and drafts on