Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Poet DIANE AWERBUCK is off-the-wall on Thursday 1st March at A TOUCH OF MADNESS at 7.30pm (19h30)

Diane Awerbuck is a teacher, writer and reviewer. Her most recent novel is the high-brow horror, Home Remedies. As Frank Owen, she also writes apocalypse survival guides with Alex Latimer: their novel North is due out in December. She is currently working on a short story collection about sex and death - in that order. 

Amongst other forms, Diane is into haiku. I hope she'll bring copies for you to buy.

Here's an example.


She was halved, and found

the star inside the apple.
No one thanks the snake.


Heaven is highly organised: 

The angel belt is closest to earth.
You teach me the first names
of the cherubim and seraphim,
of everything high and low.
Now there is a thin coating of your saliva between
this world and the next:
everything blessed;
everything charged.

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