Sunday, 10 June 2018

Poet Ursula Grobler is off-the-wall Thursday June 14

Ursula writes:

I have really come to be me out of a single turning point. And that is rowing, and the dream of rowing to a win of a gold medal at an Olympic Game. It has took me 10 years to get to Rio Olympics 2016. The dream realised… but then not completed as a happy ending. We had a very disappointing final and I was devastated.
Before I became a rower, I lived in Seattle, after completing my four-year bachelors degree in Information Design at TUKS. I worked as a graphic designer. Then I got retrenched. My brother committed suicide. And I fell apart and re-looked at everything. Especially lost dreams. Or dreams never to be chased when death has come early. And that is when I started to row. I was 27. I called a new coach who came from Spain to Seattle and said I want to go to the Olympic Games. Having found out that I had just learnt to row a year ago, he said I have the wrong idea. But he took me on anyway and 3 years later I broke the World Record on the Indoor rowing machine, and 7 years later I did go to the Olympic Games. I have been published only formally once, in 1998 in Mirror Images, Anthology of Verse from the Poetry Institute of Africa. But I have written alot about all these losses and little gains. And honoured to share those with you tonight.

Here is a little video I made and published on my youtube username as Taciit. It was done a month or so after I returned from the Rio Olympic Games.

Thank you for this opportunity!

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