Monday, 26 November 2018

Poet HELEN MOFFETT is off-the-wall on Thursday November 29 @19:30

Helen Moffett is a writer, freelance editor, feminist activist and recovering academic. She has compiled three editions of a poetry anthology for Southern African students, and a collection of South African landscape writings, Lovely Beyond Any Singing. She toured Canada with her debut collection of poems, Strange Fruit, published by Modjaji. Her second poetry collection, Prunings, published in 2016 by uHlanga Press, was joint winner of the 2017 SALA poetry prize. Her collaborations include a cricket book (the late Bob Woolmer’s magnum opus), the Girl Walks In erotica series with Sarah Lotz and Paige Nick (under the nom de plume Helena S. Paige), and Stray, an anthology of animal writing for the benefit of the charity TEARS. She is also a board member and avid supporter of the Short Story Day Africa project. Her most recent book, 101 Water-wise Ways, is a response to the Cape water crisis.

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